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General news about the Ronde van Midden Nederland

Obituary Jan van Beckum

Obituary Jan van Beckum

We were shocked listing to the sad news that our former president Jan van Beckum passed away on Friday, July 31.

Jan van BeckumJan was involved with the Ronde van Midden Nederland, via UWTC de Volharding, for many years before he became president of it from 2006 to 2012. In the 15 years that John was active for it, he has worked steadily to improve the organisation and the race for audiences and sponsors. Among others with giving the impetus to bring the RvMN to an international level.

Three years ago, Jan has handed over the gavel but in the background he remained committed to the fortunes of “his Round”. Jan was the icon of the RvMN and all of Utrecht and its surroundings knew him. Jan reached the age of 67.

Jan, thank you for all those wonderful years together and for your enthusiasm, your support and great efforts to organise and expand our RvMN. We will miss him.

Our thoughts are with his wife and his children.

On behalf of the board and volunteers, Rob Moor, president.

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Ymor New Sponsor RVMN

Ymor logo

Ymor is a fast growing and innovative service provider based in Utrecht, which assists the Dutch Top 500 companies in improving the performance of complex IT environments with the goal of unburdening end users. An organisation may be experiencing problems with performance or availability. It may be building a new application or wish to bring it online. Or there may simply be a need for the complex IT chain to be closely monitored. In all such cases the Ymor ‘Ketenbewaking’ service monitors and optimises the IT environment.

Their slogan says it all: “Ymor creates user comfort!”

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Speed Skating champion Jochem Uytdehaage new race director Ronde van Midden Nederland

Speed Skating champion Jochem Uytdehaage new race director Ronde van Midden Nederland

Jochem Uytdehaage is the new race director of the International Ronde van Midden Nederland. On August 30, 2015 the race peloton and the followers caravan drive for the first time under his leadership the 200 kilometers from Utrecht and its surroundings back to Utrecht.

“After the resignation of Joost van Oostrum because his new mayor’s office is in the east of the country, we had to look for a new race director,” said Rob de Moor, president of the Foundation Wieler Promotie Midden Nederland. “We are delighted that Jochem undertakes this as born Utrechter with his qualities and impressive palmares to our organization.”

Jochem Uytdehaage is former skating champion. His greatest and most appealing accomplishment was winning the gold medal in both the five and ten kilometers at the Olympic Games in Salt Lake City in 2002. He was also the first man to put down a time under 13 minutes on the 10 kilometer : 12.58,92.

Uytdehaage with his Foundation Sporttop, coaches talents from different sports on the way to the top. The Ronde van Midden Nederland also sees itself as a springboard for talent to professional cycling. “His knowledge and experience in professional sports field fill our ambition to further develop” De Moor says. “Developing talent is a major activity of Jochem and a major goal of ours. A very good match.”

For Jochem Uytdehaage it is the first time he’s a race director. “It’s something very new to me. The challenge involves that and that it is cycling, my hobby, that makes it a lot of fun, “said Uytdehaage. “It appeals to me that the Ronde van Midden Nederland will continue to grow in the coming years to boost the sport. And, importantly, their attention for boosting the talents. I look forward to the 30th August 2015 and counting on the Ronde will again be a success this year. It’s organisation has shown in recent years, that she is capable, so after joining forces this will certainly succeed. “

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Obituary Gerrit Voorting

First winner the Ronde van Midden Nederland Gerrit Voorting deceased

Gerrit Voorting died January 30, 2015 in Heemskerk at the age of 92. In 1948 the first Ronde van Midden Nederland had Voorting as a winner. The race of 195 km started on Whit Monday on the former cattle market site the current Jaarbeurs in the city of Utrecht.

The entire Dutch Olympic team with Voorting in the ranks was part of the squad of 92 riders. 20 km from the finish Voorting placed his decisive demarage and came with a big lead solo over the finish at the Croeselaan.

He kept his good form and later that year Voorting won silver in the road race at the Olympic Games in London. He also wore the yellow jersey twice and won two stages in the Tour de France.

We remember Gerrit Voorting as a great rider who is inextricably with the Ronde van Midden Nederland connected!

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