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Stichting Wielerpromotie Midden  Nederland (Foundation)

The Foundation aims to promote cycling in all its dimensions. The SWMN consists of unpaid directors who, in addition to their regular work, during many evenings and weekends give substance to the governance activities. They are the driving force behind the Ronde van Midden Nederland races and sportive.

The board consists of people below with their functions.

Rob Moor Chairman
Anton van Gerwen Vice Chairman
Pieter Elstgeest Treasurer
vacancy Secretary

Contact information secretary

Stichting Wielerpromotie Midden Nederland
Erica 16
3958HN Amerongen
The Netherlands


Contact information PR, Communications and Media

Ronde van Midden Nederland:

Rob de Moor
+31 (0)629 048 752

Paapst van Dam (press office):

Marcel Paapst
+31 (0)6 22 799 5569 / +31 (0)30 2427 990

Organization Core Team

The organisation’s Core Team consists entirely of volunteers. These volunteers do the preparation and realisation on the day itself of all races and tours. In addition to the core team, there is a large group of indispensable volunteers and partners who help on the day with the realisation of all activities. Many of these volunteers come through down on these activities.

The organisation core team consists of volunteers following their activities.

Jochem Uytdehaage Race Director
Jan Bodde Photo & Film
Katja Gitmans Facilities
Arthur Hoogevest Fleet coordination
Herman van Plateringen Coordinator Guests
Gerard Prins Coordinator logistics and boarding
Peter Jacobse Coordinator Motards


Strengthen the Core Team

De Ronde van Midden Nederland is always looking for volunteers! The organisation is looking for cycling fans that would like to support the organisation.

For more information, please contact Rob de Moor:

Foundation Board Members

Do you have a cycling heart? Are you interested in a position in the board or a commission? Please contact us via Our organisation consists of a team of enthusiastic volunteers which year over year realises a great classic.

Traffic controllers

Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th of August, 2016 the 60th Ronde van Midden Nederland takes place, an international cycling race with the UCI 2.2 status. Saturday, August 27th, a team time trial of 30 kilometers, Sunday there is a so-called “ride in line” of 200 km with start and finish in the city of Utrecht.

The team time trial will take place on a closed course, are expected to have been completed by all teams within one and a half hours. The security risks are ‘static’; you will be assigned one point, but none less interesting. The team time trial is seen by cyclists as the toughest part of cycling.

contact information Ronde van Midden Nederland 2014 elite race on the Lekdijk

The Sunday’s “ride in line” trail leads the race through the province of Utrecht via Huis ter Heide, Zeist, Driebergen, Doorn, Leersum, Amerongen, Elst, Achterberg, Rhenen, Remmerden, Soesterberg, Woudenberg, Driebergen, Wijk bij Duurstede, Schalkwijk Houten and Nieuwegein to the finish in Utrecht.


contact information Ronde van Midden Nederland 2014 elite race on the Lekdijk

In order to racers the opportunity to fully concentrate on the course, the public road (temporarily) is blocked for traffic, for which each year we are looking for  motorcyclists who want to assist the organisation.

It’s nice to be a traffic controller (this year one motard runs with a 40x record!). But motorcycling is even more fun; Therefore, each traffic controller will get assigned to around 4-6  intersections or other special places, scattered throughout the route. So you don’t wait for hours at a particular intersection. Moreover, as the afternoon progresses, the gents racers will increase speed, so the scope for motorcyclists is getting in place in time gets smaller and smaler and….

Before the race, we offer two training sessions on (probably on August 15th and 22nd) for motorcyclists who have little or no experience with securing a cycling race. Go with a number of experienced traffic controllers, which know the trail (and sneak through – short cut roads!) transferring their knowledge en experience this way.

contact information Ronde van Midden Nederland 2014 elite race on the Lekdijk

Are you interested? Mail your details and preference for Saturday and / or Sunday to